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How much do you typically spend annually on ALL maintenance work (mechanical, electrical, etc.)? Include in your estimate both material and labor costs for both planned (scheduled) and unplanned (repair) work?
In a typical year, how much do you lose due to unscheduled downtime, production slow downs or off spec production? If you cannot provide a reasonable estimate, enter $0 and proceed to complete the assessment without accounting for production losses.
Of your total annual maintenance costs entered in Q1, what percentage can be attributed to either scheduled rebuild / replacement or emergency unscheduled repairs? Exclude any costs associated with routine predictive maintenance activities.
What percentage of scheduled or unscheduled repair work is performed on rotating or reciprocating equipment, as opposed to facilities maintenance, electrical equipment etc.?
Of the scheduled or unscheduled repair tasks performed on rotating or reciprocating equipment (Q4), in your estimation, what percentage are due to poor lubrication (wrong lubricant, under or over lubrication, contaminated oil etc.)?
By implementing the improvement plan outlined in this project proposal you will avoid the lubrication problems indicated from your personal assessment (100% - your score).